by Rob on June 9th, 2011

In part 1 of this blog post we introduced you to some top tips for popping whether you are riding Hooked-in or Unhooked. The two videos have had a great response but check them out if you’ve yet to watch them… But now we thought it would be good to show you how you can take the basic technique of popping and move it forwards into more advanced tricks.

What next – Hooked-in Popping…

1. Popping on its own will get pretty boring pretty quickly so the next progression is definitely Popping to Toeside and it definitely beats forcing the board round like you may have been doing so far.

2. Next up has to be grabs and there are a lot of them to try, which in itself can keep you busy for some time!

3. Finally we suggest you take a look at the more advanced technique of Popping to Blind. This is a trick that takes some practice, to get used to the contorted position you have to get into. However once again, it will improve your kite and board control and set you up for taking your next progression, unhooking…

What next – Unhooked Popping…

When it comes to unhooking then possible tricks that lay ahead are endless! But to start with heres a few of the first progressions you should look at taking…

The number of tricks, requiring good pop, that you can try beyond that are numerous.  Here are just a few examples to get you started:

So there you have it, your next steps for popping whether you are hooked or unhooked. If you want more in-depth help with your kitesurfing then check our the our Progression DVDs which cover many of these tricks in full detail, including common mistakes and key elements helping you to get it nailed faster!


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5 Responses to “The Art of Popping – Part 2”

  1. Peter Goossens says:

    Now time for some wave tutorials ;) !!

  2. Rob says:

    Don’t worry Peter waves are definitely at forefront of minds at the moment :-)

  3. Nice tutorial, thanks i enjoyed it. It popped up in our Daily Kiting Newspaper

  4. Fiona says:

    Thanks Dean – nice paper :-)

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