Kite Setup 13 minutes

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About this video

Ensure your safety each time you head out to kite by fully understanding the various stages of kite setup - inflating the kite, laying out & connecting your lines and embracing the pre-flight checks routine.


Setting your kite up is the first thing that can worry new kiters, as it is essential to your safety. Every time you go kitesurfing the kite and bar will have to be setup and checked to make sure all your equipment will fly correctly. Not paying attention at this stage can lead to some dangerous situations, such as the kite becoming uncontrollable, putting you and others in danger.

This video will help you understand how to setup different styles of kites and bars, giving you the confidence to rig up and get out on the water, knowing your kit is setup correctly.

Rider: Karine Nativel

Location: Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh

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Inflating the kite
Laying out the lines
Connecting the lines
Pre-flight checks