Foiling Gybes: Carving Turns with Downloops 16 minutes


Hopefully by now you are consistently getting around your carving turns, flying the kite over the top of the wind window. Now is a great time to look at the downloop version as it is a technique that every kitefoil should aim to learn.

But when we talk about looping the kite, many people think of powerful kiteloops on twintips but actually the way in which we can loop the kite on a foil, can be very tame and its not about huge surges of power but rather consistent, even power throughout the loop, and hence through out the carve.

In this video we show you how to practice loops in the shallows with out your board and foil, so you can get the technique locked down. Then we integrate it into both your heelside and toeside carves. As always we’ll have common mistakes for those key issue that many of you will encounter.

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