Christmas Gift Voucher

Carving Turns Collection

Get the full carving turns collection – 4 premium videos, a total 100 minutes of in-depth instruction for £12.99 (approx $18.99 or €17.99).

Carving Turns - Oswald Smith - Kitesurfing

  1. Use the PayPal button below to send Progression £12.99
  2. We will then email you a gift voucher for a Carving Turns Collection, within 1 working day*
  3. The voucher can be redeemed by anyone & all videos are playable in the Progression Player App**

Carving Turns Collection: £12.99: 


If you have any question please contact Progression on

* We’ve put this gift voucher site together after several requests from avid kiters who wanted the Carving Turns Collection. We don’t have an automatic system for creating voucher codes, so one of the Progression team will receive your PayPal payment notification, create you a voucher code, add it to a voucher and then email you over the voucher pdf.
** Voucher codes are redeemable through the Progression website and adding the corresponding videos to Progression Profile. Videos can be view through the Progression Player App which is available on iOS and Android devices. Currently we don’t have viewing options for desktop/laptop computers or Smart TVs, though these are being considered for the future.