Kiteboarding Products

Complete the Collection

Collections are a great way to buy multiple videos at a discounted price but sometimes you might just want to try out a single video to see if you’re interested in this style of instructional or the type of tricks/techniques covered. Thankfully we have a great system in place that makes this possible.


The “Complete the Collection” feature allows you buy a video or collection and then get its value deducted from any future collections which they are part of, so you’ll never pay more than the price of the full collection.

See it in action:

You first decided to buy the Waterstart and First Runs video which is part of the Kiteboarding Beginner Collection.


Having watched this video you realise that you want the full Beginner Collection – as you can see the price has now dropped to incorporate the price of the purchased video.


Buying more individual videos will drop the price further.


Parent & Sub Collection

This same feature works with sub Collections that belong to parent Collections. Currently, this exists for the Kitesurfing Volume 1 Collection which contains three sub-collections, Riding & Control, Carving Turns and Riding Waves. Buying any combination of these Collections or their individual videos will reduce the price of the main Kitesurfing Volume 1 Collection.

Here I’ve bought the Carving Turns Collection and the Frontside Fundamentals video.

Which then discounts the Kitesurfing Volume 1 Collection


So try a Progression video today, safe in the knowledge you can upgrade to the full collection when you’re ready for your next Progression.