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Kiteboarding Beginner Collection

  • Videos: 10
  • Running time: 2h 42m
  • Languages: English only

Everything you need to get started in kitesurfing, the perfect complement to lessons with a qualified instructor.

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Videos in this collection

Each video is available as part of the collection or can be purchased individually. Start with a video and then you can complete the collection at a later date.


An overview of all the techniques that will be covered in this beginner collection along with an explanation of The Progression Method - understand the unique way in which Progression videos are structured to ensure you learn in the safest, quickest and easier way possible.

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Location & Conditions

Learn the key questions you need to ask, the routines you need to embrace and what you need to look out for when arriving at a beach location.


Equipment & Terminology

Get up to speed with all the kitesurfing gear available to you and understand some of the specific concepts and language common to kitesurfers around the world.


Kite Setup

Ensure your safety each time you head out to kite by fully understanding the various stages of kite setup - inflating the kite, laying out & connecting your lines and embracing the pre-flight checks routine.


Launching & Landing

Learn the best way to launch and land your kite on the beach with an assistant, the potential issues you may encounter and how to manage them.


Body Dragging

Learn the essential skill of body dragging. Taking you through your first experience of managaing the kites power and equipping you with the necessary skill to mobilize yourself without a board.


Water Re-Launch & Self Rescue

Understand the general technique of how to re-launch your kite and the common issues you may encounter. There will be times when re-launching is not possible so learn to identify and manage the scenarios that require a self-rescue.  All these techniques cover both 4 and 5 line kites.


Waterstarts & First Runs

Break down this fundamental stage of your development into two progressions – getting you up on the board and then tackling your first runs.


Riding & Staying Upwind

Improve your comfort, control and upwind riding technique through better understanding the correct stance, in any conditions you might encounter.


Changing Direction

Reduce the time spent in the water and avoid loosing ground downwind by learning how to change direction using the sliding turn.


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