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Kiteboarding Advanced Collection

  • Videos: 9
  • Running time: 2h 06m
  • Languages: English only

Following on from the huge success of our Beginner & Intermediate videos, its now time for us to focus our attentions on guiding everyone on to advanced freestyle and freeriding tricks.

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Videos in this collection

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A quick overview of the main trick and technique chapters currently available under the advanced level

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Hooked Kiteloops

Break down your first kiteloop into easy progressions and get used to handling the power safely whilst still hooked in


Board Offs

Bring out your show man skills and learn how to add a board off to your big air sessions


Riding Blind

Grasp this difficult and initally awkward stance with a step by step guide on all the key elements involved.


Unhooking - Setup & Basics

Unhooking can be daunting but let Progression help you make this an easy transition to a whole new style of riding.



Helping you pop with power and then progressing you onto your first raleys. Giving you the foundation for many more wakestyle tricks to come!



The addition of a horizontal spin to a raley is far more difficult than you think. Learn the key elements involved to really elevate your rotations.


Unhooked Kiteloops & Downloops

Unhooking is not just about low powered tricks. Introduce a kiteloop and learn how to handle the power now you're performing them unhooked.


Intro to Handle Passes

Broken down into three progressions - the handle pass is a difficult but achievable technique that you can add to your unhooked trick repertoire.


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