Our Premium instructional videos, collections & DVDs have been used by over 200,000 kitesurfers

Digital Videos

Forty individual videos featuring all the core techniques and tricks for beginners through to experts, so whether your wanting to learn to waterstart, boosting your first jumps, spinning round a backroll, get yanked by a kiteloop, try your first hooked tricks or bust out a KGB, Slim chance or Blind Judge - we've got you covered.

All videos utilise the Progression Method to give you the clearest, in-depth kiteboarding instruction. Videos range from 10-30 minutes long and start at £1.99/€2.49/$2.99

Digital Collections

We also offer our premium digital videos grouped together as Collections. This gives you a convenient (and discounted) way to purchase a range of tricks that fit the level you are currently trying to achieve.

Our Collections feature the same content available on our best selling range of DVDs, and if you already own Progression DVDs then you can easily upgrade to access your collection digitally.


Our full range of DVDs - Kiteboarding Beginner through to Professional are available to purchase on our online store or from any good kiteboarding store around the world.

Kiteboarding DVDs