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Kiteboarding Progression Collection

This is the introductory chapter to the Progression Professional Collection.

Seven Advanced tricks, broken down into 25 simpler tricks, leading you through everything you need to take your riding to the highest level of unhooked, powered, wakestyle kiteboarding. Tricks in this move include:

  • Raley to Blind, Blind Judge, Blind Judge 3
  • S-bend to blind, S-bend to blind with an airpass, S-mobe 3
  • Front to wrapped, NIS, Slim Chance
  • Back to blind, Back to blind with an airpass, KGB
  • Front Mobe, Front Mobe to Blind, Front Mobe 5
  • Back to wrapped, Low Back Mode, High Back Mobe, Back Mobe 5, Back Mobe to Wrapped, Back Mobe 7
  • Kiteloop 3, Kiteloop Backroll 3, Kiteloop NIS

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