Is the same content on the DVDs now available on the App?
  • Yes, the app contains each of the video chapters currently available on all of the kitesurfing DVDs (Kite Land boarding is not yet available). We plan to launch more videos to download unique to the iPhone app in the near future.
Can i use it in my kiteboarding school?
  • The T&C’s state that the app can not be used for commercial purposes and this includes ‘broadcasting’ content to students during kiteboarding lessons.  We will be developing an ‘instructor’ version of the app soon, if you would like to register for more information please email fiona@progression.me
Are you phasing out DVDs?
  • No not at all.  We believe that people want to access content on multiple platforms, depending on their needs or situation. The iPhone app just offers our customers another channel through which to access Progression video content.
Will you be dropping the prices of dvds or offering special deals?
  • We occasionally offer special deals typically for order size, multi-buys or special events such as Christmas, however we will not be dropping the price of DVDs. Buying a DVD still works out as the most cost effective way to purchase our instructional content.
Will you launch apps for other mobile devices such as Android?
  • This is the first time we have distributed our content on a digital device and we have chosen the iPhone as our test platform.  If it proves successful and commercially viable we will developing apps for other devices. Register your interest on our GetSatisfaction support page.
Can I download videos without a mobile phone – i.e on the web?
  • You can only download videos (ad the app) to iOS devices.  This includes iPhones, iPod touches and iPads.  Unfortunately you can not yet download videos to your laptop or desktop computer.
Can I pay for a subscription rather than one off chapters?
  • We currently only offer individual video purchases however we are looking into a subscription based service for the future.  Register your interest on our GetSatisfaction support page.
Will you be offering chapter packages through the app?
  • We currently only offer individual video purchases however we will be looking to offer package purchases in a future version of the app.
If I buy a DVD will i also have access to the mobile app?
  • At present your purchases on DVDs and on the App will be separate.
Is there a limit to downloads?
  • There is no limit to how many videos you can download although your mobile device may slow down if you have too many. You can view the file sizes of all your downloads under settings. By having an Progression profile account you can delete videos off your device but still download them at a later date for free.
What if i purchase something by mistake?
  • All purchases are handled by Apple as part of the iOS platform, so we are unable to offer refunds directly. You must contact Apple support to request a refund, please let us know if you have any issues and we’ll do our best to help.
HQ downloads can take over an hour – can i use my phone during this period?
  • Yes, whilst videos are downloading you can use other parts of the Player App (like watch other videos) or use other apps on your device and the Player will continue to download your video in the background. There is a limitation which only allows us to run a download in the background for 10 minutes so just check back into the Progression Player from time to time to keep the video downloading. But even if it does stop you can easy resume your download from where it left off.

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