Unhooking – Setup & Basics


Unhooking can be daunting but let Progression help you make this an easy transition to a whole new style of riding. Start with understanding how to set up your kite and bar, an essential step before you learn how to unhook with ease and make sure you can hook back in afterwards, staying in control!

This chapter includes theory and demonstration in the following areas:

  • 1st Progression: Setting up equipment (Kite & Bar)
  • 2nd Progression: Unhooking & Hooking back in 2 0 17th Aug 2011
    • Introduction
    • First run through
    • KE: Kite & Bar
    • KE: Head & Shoulders
    • KE: Board & Legs
    • Common Mistakes


This good kite handling skills and strong board skills. You should be comfortable jumping hooked in and already learnt to pop whilst hooked in.

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