Riding & Staying Upwind


Improve your comfort, control and upwind riding technique through better understanding the correct stance, in any conditions you might encounter.

This chapter includes theory and demonstrations in the following areas:

  • Edging & foot pressure
  • Stance & balance
    • Introduction
    • Key Elements
    • Common Mistakes
    • Maintaining balance in gusty winds
    • Slowing down & stopping
  • Coming Ashore
  • Upwind technique
    • Key Elements: Kite & Bar
    • Key Elements: Board & Legs
    • Key Elements: Head & Shoulders
  • Common Mistakes
  • Rights of way


This requires you to be confident in your knowledge and handling of the kite, as well as being able to waterstart consistently.

Progression do advise that all beginners use Progression instructional videos alongside practical face to face lessons with a certified instructor.

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