Blind Judge 3


Starting with a raley to blind, and lots in between, we then teach you how to land a blind judge 3.

This chapter includes theory and demonstration in the following areas:

  • Introduction
  • 1st Progression: Raley 2 Blind
    • First run through
    • KE: Kite & Bar
    • KE: Board & Legs
    • KE: Head & Shoulders
    • Common Mistakes
  • 2nd Progression: Blind Judge
    • First run through
    • Key Elements
  • 3rd Progression: Blind Judge 3
    • First run through
    • Key Elements
    • Common Mistakes


You should be comfortable performing a powered unhooked raley.

Next Progression

There are lots of choices, even if you are only tackling the first progression of this video – S-bend to Blind through to the S-mobe or maybe Back 2 blind through to the KGB?

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