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Progression Kitefoiling
Instructional Video Series

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Embrace the Foiling Revolution

Have you experience the thrill of flying over the water, balanced a meter high with barely enough wind to keep your kite in the sky? Be prepared for your mind to be blown!

But it’s far from straightforward and we’ve all seen the hard slams enduring by those learning the basics – which is where Progression comes in. This summer we’ll have a full series of videos to take you help you understand the basic then safely learn how to go from the beach to riding on the foil, in the quickest way possible.


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Thanks to the brands that supporting the filming of this project – Airush, Shinn, Peter Lynn, BBTalkin, AlwaysWindy & Villa Pefkakia. And not forgetting the talents of Danny Morrice who willing took many a hard slam to recreate the various ways to screw up, so you won’t have too!

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