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Kiteboarding Professional Collection

  • Videos: 8
  • Running time: 1h 43m
  • Languages: English only

Teaming up with 5 times Kitesurfing World Champion, Aaron Hadlow, we’ll open up the world of powered freestyle kitesurfing to you. The aim is to help everyone understand the high level freestyle tricks that are at the core of competitive kitesurfing.

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Videos in this collection

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A quick overview of the trick and technique chapters currently available under the Professional level.

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Blind Judge 3

Starting with a raley to blind, and lots in between, we then teach you how to land a blind judge 3
Tricks covered: Raley to blind > Blind Judge > Blind Judge 3



Building on previous skills, we teach you how to introduce a handlepass to your s-bend and land it with style.
Tricks covered: S-bend to blind > S-bend airpass > S-mobe



Based around the humble back roll with the addition of so much more! Learn this classic handle pass trick step by step
Tricks covered: Back to Blind > Back to Blind with an Airpass > KGB


Slim Chance

Looking initially at the NIS and then onto the Slim Chance, this is a quick run through of the trick in Aarons' style of riding.
Tricks covered: NIS > Slim Chance


Front Mobe 5

A unique flowing movement where the pass is made in the same direction of the rotation. Learn the front side version of this popular trick with Progression.
Tricks covered: Front Mobe > Front mobe to blind > Front Mobe 5


Back Mobe 7

The back mobe is one of the most popular wake style tricks but also one of the most challenging. Broken down into 6 stages, we help you get all versions of this trick nailed.
Tricks covered: Back 2 wrapped > Low Back Mobe > High Back Mobe > Back Mobe 5 > Back Mobe to wrapped > Back Mobe 7


Kiteloop Handle Passes

Understanding the key principles involved in this trick will be vital in learning the variations covered, including NIS and Backroll 3.
Tricks covered: Kiteloop 3 > Kiteloop Backroll 3 > Kiteloop NIS


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