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Kiteboarding Intermediate Volume 2 Collection

  • Videos: 4
  • Running time: 1h 24m
  • Languages: English only

Many kitesurfers master the fundamentals, and can comfortably cruise around and try the odd jump, but then struggle to move any further. Join the thousands of kitesurfers who have taken the next step and started learning tricks with rotations.

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Videos in this collection

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A quick overview of the trick and technique chapters currently available under the higher intermediate level.

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Prepare yourself for your first taste of wake style tricks! Break down this sometimes daunting challenge into easy to learn steps.


Forward Loops

Learn the different technique that is required for forward rotations. Build your progression slowly and finish by adding style with grabs and toeside!



Timing and co-ordination are key for transitions so we will help you get it right before helping you incorporate rotations and grabs.


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