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Kiteboarding Intermediate Volume 1 Collection

  • Videos: 7
  • Running time: 2h 11m
  • Languages: English only

Take the next steps on from being a beginner. Understand and learn the tricks and techniques that every intermediate is striving for.

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Videos in this collection

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A quick overview of the trick and technique chapters currently available under the basic intermediate level.

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Location & Conditions

Learn key tips & technique to remain confident when faced with unfamiliar locations & conditions - lightwind technique, riding in strong winds and coping with waves.


Riding Toeside

Understand how to move into this riding stance, and crucially learn how ride it out comfortably. Feel the unique and exhilarating feeling of riding toeside in no time!


Carving Turns

Grasp this powerful movement. Whether you create arcs on flat water or slice across a wave, learn how to carve from toe to heel and heel to toe.



The ultimate intermediate challenge! Learn how to jump from our extended chapter on jumping. Starting with small jumps, onto larger jumps and then add in grabs, inverts & one footers.



Learn how to get some air without using the lift from the kite. A crucial skill to prepare you for many tricks you are about to learn.



Learn how to tailor your kite, bar, lines and board to your own needs and riding style. Truly understand and trust how your equipment works.


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